Our Southwest Prairie Tumbleweed Farm , a small family farm, is located on eighty acres of the most beautiful Prairie land imaginable. Close by, are tracks, imbedded in the soil from countless wagon wheels, made by covered wagons going down the Santa Fe Trail.   Here at Prairie Farms we take Pride in the harvesting of our quality Tumbleweeds. Our harvest, once a year, is a labor of love. This farm has seen three generations of hard working men and women dedicated to the preservation of the prairie and the continuing tradition of the tumbleweed harvest. Our small, but proud farm, has traditionally

........planted, harvested, and shipped our Prairie Tumbleweeds, " to the peoples of the world for many years." We are still proud to be able to produce these magnificent dried plants the same way our forefathers did. We have upgraded with newer and better equipment, that can get the harvest to our valued customers, faster than ever. It takes a full season to get the biggest and roundest tumbleweeds. But as you can see by our pictures it is well worth the wait. We do store and preserve the crop for your enjoyment throughout the year, and delivery is almost always assured. We advise that you do order soon as to get the best selection. Every Prairie Tumbleweed is hand selected for your enjoyment. Remember our motto here at Prairie Tumbleweed Farm,

If they don't Tumble, we don't sell them!


"If they don't tumble we don't sell them!" Order today!!!